Precautions for asthma during monsoon

The cool breeze that accompanies the monsoon is usually a reason for joy to several but not for all. Those with asthma and breathing-related allergies face the danger of aggravating their condition with the decrease in the temperature and increase in the dampness within the air during the season. Here are some precautions and measures you’ll follow so that you can also enjoy the rain despite asthma.

Take all measures to stop dampened walls in your house. When moisture is trapped within the walls it’s not only bad for the building but also your health. It results in mould build-up which may either worsen your asthma symptoms or could even trigger asthma or other respiratory issues albeit you don’t have them. Pack up all the mould of your walls employing a combination of bleach and water. Also, get a damp course finished your house to form your walls anti-moisture and anti-moulds. Employing a dehumidifier and air conditioning could even help control the atmospheric conditions reception.

Keep the doors of your kitchen, wash area and bathrooms closed to scale back the circulation of moisture within the atmosphere. Also, confirm that each one of the rooms has proper cross ventilation and is exposed to sunlight albeit it’s for a few times.

The rainy season also increases the presence of pollen grains in the air. This will trigger asthma attacks since pollen grains convince be allergens for those that have already got breathing problems. Avoid keeping plants inside the house, especially in your bedroom. attempt to stay indoors during the mornings when the presence of pollens in the air is at its peak. Likewise, during the monsoons, your exposure to animal fur also manifolds as pets tend to remain indoors more to avoid getting wet. This triggers asthma in children more. Attempt to restrict your pet’s movement within the house to a specific area only.

Apart from these precautions taken during the season for asthma, don’t forget to take your asthma medications regularly. Keep yourself considering avoiding catching the flu. Also, confine mind the standard measures like using blinders and window shades rather than curtains and keeping your home dust and clutter-free.

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