What Do You Need To Know About The CBC Test

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The CBC of Complete Blood Count is a type of blood test that helps medical professionals know a patient’s overall health status. It can also detect a condition that exists in the patient, such as anemia or leukemia. 

Doctors usually recommend taking this test as part of a routine checkup or annual health care schedule. Patients who experience symptoms such as fatigue, fever, or weakness may also need this test. CBC test cost in pune

So, what purposes does the Complete Blood Count Test serve?

  1. 1. A comprehensive report: As mentioned above, doctors recommend taking this test as part of a full medical examination. The test results help doctors analyze the overall health of their patients.
  2. Diagnosing a medical condition: If you are suffering from an illness, your doctor will recommend taking CBC, especially if it is somewhat challenging to diagnose your illness externally. CBC test cost in pune
  3. Medical treatment results: Sometimes, it is not possible to know from the outside whether the patient is benefiting from the treatment or not. In such cases, your doctor may ask you to take a CBC test.
  4. Monitoring status: If you have a specific medical condition that affects your RBCs, your doctor may recommend taking a CBC to check your blood cell count. This will help the doctor determine the right course of action. CBC test cost in pune

What it measures

A complete blood count test determines the following levels

WBC: WBC or white blood cells contribute to your body’s immune system. These cells help your body to stand up to the harmful microorganisms that exist in your body.

RBC: RBCs or red blood cells carry oxygen throughout a person’s body. They also carry carbon dioxide to eject. CBC test cost in pune

MCV: MCV or Mean Corpuscular Volume is a scale that measures the size of your RBC. The size of these cells can help doctors reveal more information about a patient’s medical condition.

Hemoglobin: Hemoglobin is a protein that maintains oxygen in a person’s blood. This test measures blood glucose levels or Hb levels in addition to HbA1C. CBC test cost in pune

Hematocrit: Hematocrit values allow doctors to determine the amount of RBC in a patient’s blood. If the percentage value is low, it may indicate iron deficiency. This ensures that the number of mineral RBCs is always optimal.

Platelets: Platelets come into play when the patient is injured. This component of your blood forms blood clots to break the flow of blood. CBC test cost in pune

A CBC can help diagnose various conditions, such as anemia, infections, and blood disorders. It can also monitor conditions and treatments that affect blood cell counts, such as chemotherapy.

Preparing for it

Your healthcare provider will interpret the results of your CBC in the context of your symptoms, medical history, and other tests. Abnormal results may indicate a health problem that requires further evaluation or treatment.

The normal ranges for CBC components can vary depending on factors such as age, sex, and medical history. Your healthcare provider will compare your results to established normal ranges.

No need to prepare for the exam. All you must do is pay for the CBC test and then visit the Pathology labs in Wakad for a sample. Or, if the pathology facility allows, you can call a professional pathologist to visit your area to collect a blood sample. 

However, depending on your condition, the doctor may tell you to avoid eating anything for a few hours before collecting the blood. Ask yourself if you require to do the same. CBC test cost in pune