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Most Important medical tests for youngsters

You can protect and improve your health, perhaps for many decades, by having certain screening tests a few times in your 20s. The tests are used for an early finding of some of the more common and potentially serious diseases going on in adults, such as sexually transmitted diseasescancersdiabetes, and heart disease.

Screening tests can find certain conditions in their initial and most curable stages, even before you notice symptoms. With information from screening tests, your healthcare provider can work with you to change preventive measures that will help you continue healthier in your later years. For example, a routine cholesterol test could reveal your risk of developing heart disease, allowing you to take preventive measures—like lifestyle changes—before you develop a serious condition.

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The sectors below deliver information on the screening tests recommended for young adults, up to30 years old. They review the references from various authorities, and there is consensus in many areas, but not all. Therefore, when discussing screening with your healthcare provider and making decisions about testing, it is important to consider your health situation and risk factors.

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For more information on protective medicine and steps, you can take to keep you and your family healthy, read the following points.

For men

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For women

Women have to undergo all the tests that are mentioned for men. Apart from that, some specific tests for women should be carried out too.

The need for these screenings is to ensure that you are free from worries and ailments. A regular health checkup can help you to be prepared for your future by keeping your mind and body healthy. Blood test in wakad

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